A Custom Baby Sign for Lucy

Custom Baby Sign – Lucy: A Custom Baby Sign was made for my neighbor’s granddaughter, Lucy.  Here Lucy is holding her personalized sign and carrying it around the house.  Lucy didn’t want to give it back so that her mom could hang it on the wall in her room.   Lucy is a year old and enjoys dressing up like her mom.

It is amazing how each child shows their personality at such a young age.  Lucy is just like her mom was when she was little.  Lucy’s mom loved all things girly, was a cheerleader in high school, recently graduated from law school and is now a lawyer in court.  One never knows what each child will do when they grow up.  Every child has the potential to do great things for good.   It will be fun to see what Lucy is interested in and what she will do when she is all grown up.

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Unique Baby Names

Have you seen lots of new unique baby names?  I was on an inventors team with Brandon during a 48 hour inventors competition called Make48.  Brandon and his wife recently had a new baby boy, a cute little dude who is 6 weeks old now.  They named him Jett Oliver.  Jett is definitely a new baby name that is very different than the traditional names in the past.  Another friend also recently had a baby boy as well and named him Bennett Bear.  They plan to call him Bear.

Check out the oh so cute personalized sign for Jett from Namebydesign.com.  Brandon choose the letter art for Jett on the website, saying it was an “easy-to-use” process to design the canvas sign.  The letter art with the airplanes really speaks to the name Jett and “makes the name come alive!”

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Baby Name Sign – Operation Breakthrough Silent Auction

Operation Breakthrough is a home away from home (pre-school) for 400 of Kansas City’s vulnerable and most deserving children. They provide a safe, loving and educational environment for children in poverty and empowers their families through advocacy, emergency aid and education. During Operation Breakthrough’s annual fundraiser, we at Namebydesign.com submitted two of our Baby Name Sign’s to be placed in the silent auction. Thomas grandparents purchased a Baby Name Sign at the auction for a sign to be made to hang in Thomas’ room. The sign was designed using the personalized letter art from our Namebydesign.com interactive website. What a keepsake present for Thomas and a great way to donate to Operation Breakthrough. Thanks Operation Breakthrough for helping so many kids in Kansas City!